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Increase your fleet's profits by 30%
Due to the unique driver control module in ERP - FleeetBox
30 days free
Create and scale your taxi fleet using Fleetbox
Analytics module
Price per kilometer
Cash register
Number of trips
% of order acceptance
Time on line, etc.
All costs for the car immediately in the software
MOT, repairs, accidents, insurance.
This way you always see the profit of your fleet
Automatic driver control module
You set the rules
So: your administrator will have time for everything
Then the module itself sends a message to the driver if it works poorly
Financial module
Reduces the financial burden
Pay salary to drivers immediately from the system, without risk to you
Make payments to% of the investor immediately from the software
Result: reduction of time for admin work by 2 times
2-fold increase in drivers = / 2-fold increase in managers
Formation of PA information and payments to investors and drivers = 2 hours per week
Keeping all expenses on the park in 1 place = net profit of the park online
It is easy to monitor the work of the driver in all aggregators
Statistics are compiled automatically = there are always up-to-date park statistics
What do our customers say about us?
We have long been partners with Fleetbox, the software helps us reduce the time of administrators on routine tasks, reduce the number of reports, and me as the owner to monitor the performance of the park
General manager of the park
It is convenient to watch reports from aggregators on all drivers always online.
+ reduces the time to calculate the FE
Park manager
Fleetbox is a good software for those who like to watch and analyze figures on drivers quickly and conveniently on all aggregators Uber, Bolt, Slope
Creative director in DD agency
The principal element of Suprematism in painting, as in architecture, is its liberation from all social or materialist tendencies.
Samuel Willson
Who are we?
FleetBox is a Ukrainian IT company that develops products for Gig-economy market participants. Official partner of Uber, Bolt, Uklon in Ukraine. We work with more than 40 fleets, more than 2,000 cars and more than 120 million UAH turnover of our partners per year
years of the company
10 000 000+
turnover of our clients monthly
cars in our fleets
fleets of Ukraine are already working with us